Domhnall Gleeson Talks About the Possbility of Stepping Into the Director's Chair


Domhnall Gleeson Talks About the Possbility of Stepping Into the Director's Chair

In the unlikely event that you haven't heart of Domhnall Gleeson already, 2015 is the year when that's all about to change. The 31 year old son of acting legend Brendan Gleeson is going to be taking on a role in Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens in December 2015, and you don't get much bigger than that.

Right now though he's working up an impressive acting resume by starring in Alex Garland's Ex Machina - a tale of technology and morality which is one of the best sci-fi offerings of the year. It's the first feature film as director for Garland and a sign that he's going to excel in yet another field.

In case you don't know Gleeson has also tried his hand at filmmaking, with a couple of shorts including this 2010 effort starring brothe Brian and dad Brendan.

He also directed a music video featuring himself and Brian in 2014 for the band Squarehead, with all proceeds fom the sales of the song going to charity.

It's fair to say that filmmaking is in his blood, so when we got the chance to sit down with the star recently, we had to ask if seeing Garland taking on his first feature film would make him want to jump into the directing chair. Here's what he had to say.

"There's that joke that every actor should have a t-shirt saying 'what I really want to do is direct' you know. But I've done a short film before, I did a music video during the summer when I had a couple of weeks off and I do sketches and stuff like that to keep myself busy so I do enjoy it."

He also says that the experience of making Ex Machina really would make him be more interested in trying to act in more great movies and 'to try to be good in them' which is an ethos which seems to be serving his career pretty well so far!

Ex Machina is in cinemas now and you can watch our full interview with Domhnall Gleeson below.

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