Dredd 2 Discussions Continuing


Dredd 2 Discussions Continuing
But don't get too excited yet, there's still no script...

Action movie fans who loved 2012 flick Dredd have been petitioning for months now to get the wheels in motion for a follow-up, and it's now looking increasingly likely that it could be ready to happen. Speaking in an interview with Dweebcast, producer Adi Shankar confirmed Karl Urban's comments from earlier on in the year that the movie was definitely something that they wanted to do, saying that discussions are still ongoing, but he urged fans not to get too excited yet, as there's a lot more talk needed before anything concrete happens - for starters, there's still no script.

One of the major problems in putting a sequel together is the way in which the original was released. Since it was an independent production, it wasn't carried by a single all-mighty distributor, and the team instead had to make deals with different distributors in each territory, making the process of putting a sequel together all the more difficult.

It's not fully known where in the process the movie is, but the fact that there's no script behind it probably speaks volumes. It would appear that the team is simply attempting to gauge interest from distributors, which might not be quite as easy as you would think, since the original only really saw a major popularity bump when it was released on Blu-ray and DVD following a mediocre theatrical performance.

The lesson to be learned here is that if they do make a second, you'd better get off your butt and go see it in the cinema if you want to see a third!

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