DVD Review - The Dark Knight Rises


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DVD Review - The Dark Knight Rises
Nolan's trilogy goes out with a whimper
The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
Christopher Nolan
Christian Bale, Tom Hardy
Release Date:
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As the epic trilogy comes to a close, Batman faces up to his greatest enemy yet with the future of Gotham city in the balance.

I must admit, The Dark Knight Rises did little for me on its theatrical release last summer. You can read more about that in my full review but the overall feeling it left me with was underwhelment. Which means I had to create a word just to explain it.

Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy was founded with the intention of presenting a more realistic take on the comic book legend. It too that remit too seriously in Batman Begins and found a powerful mix of symbolism and drama in The Dark Knight.

With Rises, Nolan clearly has epic on his mind at all times. The stakes are raised higher and higher, the characters are heightened and the whole thing soon starts to feel incredibly bloated. With a dizzying number of characters, awkward plot twists and a running time not much shy of three hours, I quickly found it tiresome.

Naturally, with this much talent in front of and behind the camera, the film has its moments. Nolan has painstakingly created every detail of these worlds and the production design reflects that attention. Some new additions, like AnneHathaway’s Selina Kyle and JosephGordon-Levitt’s young police officer are welcome, and a handful of action moments feel better handled than Nolan’s previous entries.

But for every Hathaway there’s a Cotillard (who exists for a uncessesary sex scene and late on twist) and even JGL swiftly emerges as a plot device, a way to skip to a reveal of the Batman character without necessary elements like exposition. Perhaps the worst offender is Bane. Tom Hardy is a gifted performer but swathed in a full face mask and further crippled by ridiculous speech patterns, even he can’t bring much to the character beyond musculature and unintentional giggles.

None of these issues are improved on home video, with the percussive force of Hanz Zimmers score and the sometimes spectacular spectacle less bombastic on the small screen. Fans can hate all they like but The Dark Knight Rises is merely ok, and far from a fitting finale for this tale of the Bat.

Extras: The DVD nabs just a short featurette on the character of Bruce Wayne and an ultraviolet copy of the film. Because everyone uses those…

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7 Stars
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