Early Audiences Are Raving About Interstellar


Early Audiences Are Raving About Interstellar

For me, Interstellar was one of those films which felt like it was still a long way off.

Partly that's because it doesn't feel like its been that long since Christopher Nolan last bombarded us with a movie but its been more than two years since The Dark Knight Rises was in cinemas.

But it's also because the film feels like something different, like a full-on science fiction trip from another time and place. It's a movie that looks like it tackles some of the biggest questions you'll find in a mainstream release, and now all I have to do is hope beyond hope that it ends up being worth the wait.

Well evidence suggests it just might.

Early screenings of Interstellar have already taken place ahead of its November 5th opening and some responses are filtering out into the interweb. And they're overwhelmingly positive. Right now people are calling it the best film ever made (a sound bite that just seems idiotic to me) and the much more believable chance that Nolan has created a masterpiece.

There are references to the film being more accessible than 2001 but just as spectacular and being hard sci-fithat still manages to be mainstream. Then there are real-life celebs like Edgar Wright and Brad Bird who have basically said its incredible.

We've got a couple of weeks to wait yet, but Interstellar is shaping up to be something truly special.

Interstellar debuts on film on the 5th of November before arriving on other formats from the 7th of November 2014.

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