Edgar Wright Picks His Top Films from the Criterion Collection


Edgar Wright Picks His Top Films from the Criterion Collection

If you've never heard of The Criterion Collection you've been missing out. They're a company dedicated to curating, collecting and reissuing amazing versions of classic films with unique special features. They've been around since the laserdisk days and are at least partly responsible for the way we experience special features on DVDs and blu-rays these days.

So they're pretty great and they also have a marvellous recurring feature where they bring top filmmakers into their vaults and let them select their favourite films. And it doesn't hurt if they have a bit of a story to tell about some of them. The latest person to visit the Criterion closet is English director Edgar Wright, known for Spaced, Shaun of the Dead and the absolutely wonderful Scott Pilgrim vs the World, which deserves its own Criterion disk. Here he is picking his top movies and having a bit of a chinwag.

I can't say I would personally choose any of these films but Wright certainly knows his movies and its great to see a couple of horror offerings in there.

Sadly we'll never get to see Wright's take on Ant-Man for Marvel as he left the film right before shooting began (Peyton Reed is picking up the pieces) so his next film will likely be the anarchic sounding cars, music and crime flick Baby Driver which is set to start shooting in 2015.

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