Emojimovie is real- cast announced


Emojimovie is real- cast announced

There's an emoji movie coming and it's called Emojimovie: Express Yourself.

Yes this is real life and this thing will have posters and trailers and then will actually arrive in cinemas and someone you know will go to see it and say something along the likes of 'you know that Emoji movie sounded like it would be the worst thing ever but it was actually OK, though I can't remember anything that happens.'

That's for next year, right now you can find out who is going to be playing the part of the main character in the film. Obviously enough, it's T.J. Miller- otherwise known as that guy from Silicon Valley or Deadpool, depending on where your nerd cred lies.

Here's Miller's 'audition' for the film, or a trailer for something which isn't close to done yet.

Hey Miller's a funny guy and we're going to find out if a lot of that is looking at his face or whether his voice is sufficient on its own. Actually he's been in a few animated movies before including Big Hero 6 and How to Train your Dragon and the answer is- kind of...

Emojimovie: Express Yourself is out in August, 2017.

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