Exclusive - Guy Pearce Not on Board for John Michael McDonagh's War on Everyone


Exclusive - Guy Pearce Not on Board for John Michael McDonagh's War on Everyone

Earlier in the year, we broke the story that Calvary and The Guard director John Michael McDonagh was eyeing up Garrett Hedlund and Michael Pena for his next film, a comic drama featuring two cops in Texas.

It's called War on Everyone and the director describes it as 'a cross between The French Connection and Hellzapoppin'" - that's a nutty 1941 musical which went a little like this...

Later, we heard that the filmmaker was in talks with Aussie fellow Guy Pearce for the leading villain role but that casting was ongoing. Now it seems things are a little more complicated than that.

We got the chance to chat with McDonagh ahead of the home video release of Calvary this week and asked the writer/director for an update. Which mainly seemed to suggest the previous report was a bit premature, and things aren't so rosy:

"I think I shot my mouth off too soon about that one. Guy’s agent is no longer returning our calls, so we’ll see what happens." It's not clear whether the negotiations hadn't even started when the news broke and if that caused an issue but it certainly seems like things have stalled. In our last interview he seemed to think shooting could begin in October 2014 and now its slipped into 2015.

McDonagh isn't fazed though, in fact he's quite the opposite and has a stab at the difficulty of working with actors: "It’s a great script. Actors need great scripts as they don’t come along that often. Maybe they should keep that in mind when they’re swanning round Soho quaffing Bellinis."

Pearce is a great actor but there are plenty of other performers capable of taking on such a role. We just wonder how McDonagh's specific kind of humour will translate to an American film. Hopefully we'll find out in 2015.

Calvary is on DVD and blu-ray now.

Read the full interview here.

Win a copy of the film on DVD here.

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