Fancy Star Wars vinyls come with a real hologram!


Fancy Star Wars vinyls come with a real hologram!

If you haven't already spent more than you should on tie in tat for Star Wars the Force Awakens, this is the tat you've been looking for.

The orchestral score by John Williams is being released on vinyl and it features a freakin' hologram which floats above the record as it spins.

What? Well this was the original very classy trailer which made it seem all like marketing spin.

That's all well and good but how does it work in real life? Well the folks at The Verge have this video which shows exactly how it does its thing. And it works with any kind of light!

The tech seems to be utterly old school - 'micro reflectors' etched into the b side of the record which reflect a strong light source as the surface spins. From a certain angle, those reflections appear like a floating image which also seems to have a dimensionality to it.

The effect is pretty incredible, and something that you can easily achieve at home using a spotlight or even the torch on your phone. Which sounds like a neat party trick.

Williams' score itself is pretty decent, though it lacks any iconic new themes (apart from Rey's Theme perhaps) it's still undeniably Star Wars and will keep your brain in that space while we wait for the release of Rogue One.

The vinyl set is coming out on the 17th of June, 2016 and looks to cost around €70.

Fancy Star Wars vinyls come with a real hologram! on
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