Fantastic Four international trailer - the reboot we didn't ask for?


Fantastic Four international trailer - the reboot we didn't ask for?

The Marvel cinema universe is a huge and fractured thing, spread across multiple companies with rights and regulations monitering the use of plots, characters and even some individual words.

It's all a bit nuts really, but its not about to get solved overnight, particularly as Fox just doesn't seem willing to give up their rights, particularly to the X-Men characters who have been consistently good earners for the studio.

Lest we forget, Fox also owns The Fantastic Four and we've already had two major films in 2005 and 2007, earning almost $700 million between them. That wasn't enough to bring that actual cast back - including Jessica Alba, Chris Evans (he's always been a superhero) and Ioan Gruffudd (remember him!?) - but they're not going to let it die, with a reboot already set to arrive in cinemas.

Fantastic Four drops the definite article and will give us a younger team who gets in trouble with interdimensional wormhole. The latest trailer has some new footage to maybe get you excited...

First to the good things - I very much like Miles Teller and he seems like a good fit for a kind of smug vision of Mister Fantastic, and Toby Kebbell is a strong and underused actor, perfect for a villain role, so long as he isn't buried unto too much makeup.

As for the rest, it's hard to know what to make of Fantastic Four. The promos to date haven't done much to make it stand out from what has come before in the superhero world and the powers of the characters just aren't that interesting, particularly Mr. F's stretchy limbs. This is a movie where one of his team-mates can turn himself to flames and fly.

Then there are the behind the scenes issues, with director Josh Trank (Chronicle) rumoured to have been a major hassle on set and to have since been locked out of editing his film. It's hard to know if that's actually true right now, but the filmmaker has since bowed out of taking on a Star Wars spin off film so its obvious that something is amiss.

There are still a couple of months to get the marketing of Fantastic Four right but for the moment Fox needs to give audiences a reason to head to the cinemas for their latest reboot.

Fantastic Four is in cinemas in August 2015.

-Daniel Anderson

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