Fargo gets a third season on TV


Fargo gets a third season on TV

We had no expectations going into the first season of FX's Fargo back in 2014, which might be partly why the limited series totaly blew us away. In a year where everyone was saying that True Detective was the best show around, we were definitely rooting for Fargo to walk away with all the awards.

That didn't come to pass but at least we got the chance to go back to this world for a second season in 2015, with the action moving to 1979 and with some returning characters played by different actors. It was a real gamble but it seems to have paid off, and now there's more on the way.

FX has just announced that Fargo season 3 is definitely coming, but with the second season only half over details are scarce. We don't even know what decade it might be set in or which characters, if any, might return. And that's actually kind of exciting in a world where shows continue in the same tired configurations for years on end. True Detective follows this trend and there are also series like American Horror Story which use that freedom to just tell totally bizarre stories.

At this point, we can probably Fargo season 3 to arrive towards the end of 2016, and we'll have more information before then.

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