Fargo season 3 will have two Ewan McGregors!


Fargo season 3 will have two Ewan McGregors!

The Fargo TV show started out as an unknown quantity and has somehow become one of the best things on the smaller box right now.

The first season was a real shot in the arm and the second time around the focus shifted entirely and still managed to be utterly beguiling with incredible characters, great twists and really some of the most unlikely stuff happening that somehow feels mostly believeable.

Happily, it's coming back for a third season which will be on screens sometime in 2017, and we're getting the first news on casting.

This time it's Ewan McGregor who is coming on board to compliment a series that has already featured the likes of Martin Freeman, Patrick Wilson, Ted Danson, Billy Bob Thornton and Kirsten Dunst. And they're going to be getting real value out of the Scot by getting him to play two roles.

McGregor is on board as Emmit and Ray Stussy. Emmit is a big success as a real estate mogul and Ray is... less so - and pretty much blames his brother for how crappy his life has become. That sounds like more than enough set up for another violent and hilarious adventure, which this time might be set in 2010.

For his part, McGregor got some practise in recently in Last Days in the Desert where he played both Jesus and the Devil doing the whole 40 days and 40 nights thing.

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