Fascinating video shows what people are paid on massive movies


Fascinating video shows what people are paid on massive movies

The movie business is kind of insane, with the biggest blockbusters costing mental amounts of money to put together and bring to audiences all around the world.

A major event movie cost around 150 million dollars not so long ago but that figure began to explode in the wake of James Cameron throwing 200 million at Titanic back in 1997. Today, Cameron's figure stands as the cost of a tentpole release, common to titles like Spider-Man 2, The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey, Iron Man 3, Star Wars The Force Awakens and X-Men Days of Future Past.

Of course there are also horrifying abberations, usually stemming from behind the scenes issues which result in films like Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides costing almost 380 million and John Carter and Spider-Man 3 ballooning beyond the 250 million mark.

Still for the sake of argument, let's call 200 million a blockbuster budget - have you ever wondered how that cash gets spent? Between the starry cast and experienced crew, where does each and every dollar and cent get paid in order to create something you can see on the big screen? Well Variety has put together a pretty fascinating video which delves into all of that.

It's a fairly basic example for a couple of reasons, including the lack of a massive star who would ink a deal to also include a cut of the box office gross. It's also missing a major extra cost - prints and advertising. Getting word about the film about there and just physically delivering the movie to cinemas around the world is a huge part of the process, often totally half again on top of the production budget or even more.

So the next time you see an extra holding a cat on the big screen, consider that feline was probably being paid up to 20 times what the human was.

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