Fast 7 Set to Arrive in Theatres Earlier Than Expected


Fast 7 Set to Arrive in Theatres Earlier Than Expected

The Fast and Furious film series was on a hell of a roll - kicking into high gear to bring some of the best action and box office receipts ever seen in a movie that's basically just about cars smashing cars.

And Fast 7 was set to be another marquee entry for the franchise, with a new director in horror chap Justin Lin and more globe trotting stunts. Then tragedy struck with the death of star Paul Walker in late 2013, throwing the entire production into disarray.

As the smoke cleared, Universal said they were still committed to making the movie and getting it into cinemas as soon as possible. Originally planned for a 2014 release, the date was moved to 2015 while extensive reshoots were underway, including bringing in Walker's brothers to replace him in scenes.

Delays cost money, actors and crew have to be paid even if they aren't working and the reported insurance bill for the picture ballooned to $50 million. The total budget will now easily be over $300 million.

And that means Universal wants it in cinemas as soon as possible and today's news supports that. We've just got word that Fast 7 will be releasing on the 3rd of April, a week earlier than planned. They need those dollars - let's hope the film can live up to the legacy of Walker and the great action of the 5th and 6th entries. And that the monsterous costs won't kill the franchise forever.

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