Female Lead 21 Jump Street Spin-Off Lands Writer/Director


Female Lead 21 Jump Street Spin-Off Lands Writer/Director

So the idea of more 21 Jump Street sequels was well and truly killed off after 22 Jump Street parodied the concept of more sequels in their closing credits.

It looks however that the studio is not done with the frachise as yet as a 21 Jump Street spin-off will return with a female lead cast.

Today it looks like the project is moving to the next stage as writer of 22 Jump Street, Rodney Rothman, has handed in the latest draft of the script and is possibly directing the film.

This will be Rothmans first film as a director but has written in the past for David Letterman and also wrote the screenplay for Grudge Match as well as 22 Jump Street.

There is also still talk about MIB23, a crossover of the 21 Jump Street franchise and the Men in Black franchise.

This had recently been recently denied by Jonah Hill, as the MIB films had some difficult terms to negotiate.

As of yet there is no release date for the spin off which is widely being referred to as 23 Jump Street.

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