Fifty Shades of Grey Among Ireland's Top 18 Rated Films Ever


Fifty Shades of Grey Among Ireland's Top 18 Rated Films Ever

The box office earnings for Fifty Shades of Grey may have dropped on its second weekend of release but it has still earned over $410 million since the 13th of February. That's quite the haul, and the majority of that figure comes from regions outside of the United States.

Ireland looks set to add some numbers to that pot, with the film already one of the most financially successful movies with an 18s rating ever to release in this country. Here's how it stacks up against other movies with that age restriction.

1. American Beauty - €3,934,333
2. Hannibal - €3,317,156
3. Gangs of New York - €2,921,247
4. The Wolf of Wall Street - €2,861,494
5. FIFTY SHADES OF GREY - € 2,802,398
6. Scary Movie - €2,714,706
7. Seven - €2,468,511
8. Snatch - €2,189,209
9. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) - € 1,783,115
10. Django Unchained - €1,759,503

Firstly, what the heck did 1999's American Beauty get an 18's rating for? And Scary Movie?! Anyway, they all did enough with sex or violence (or both) to fall foul of the censors here and Fifty Shades has done the same for its depiction of a somewhat blandly kinky sexual relationship between two consenting adults. Which is somehow worse than a whole lot of murdering which can earn a 15A rating easily these days.

It's likely that Fifty Shades will extend past its stable-mate The Wolf of Wall Street in the coming days and it should have no trouble overtaking Gangs of New York (a bit of a Scorses run at the top here). Hard to know just yet if it will knock American Beauty off the top spot as ticket sales have likely long since peaked.

Fifty Shades of Grey is in cinemas now.

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