Final Part in The Hobbit Trilogy Could Be Getting a New Title


Final Part in The Hobbit Trilogy Could Be Getting a New Title
The Hobbit: This is Already Too Long?

We've already been on an Unexpected Journey though the Desolation of Smaug. Could we now be heading Into the Fire? has been doing some digging and has come up with a possible alternative title for the last part in Peter Jackson's epicly long adaptation of The Hobbit. Apparently some domains have been registered with the title The Hobbit: Into the Fire.

It's a strange thing to be thinking about at this point, only 8 months before the release of the final chapter which has been called There and Back Again up to now. If the studio had wanted to change it, why wait until this late? Personally, I thought it was the best subtitle of the three, encapsulating Bilbo's incredible journey.

If a rebrand is going to happen, they would want to get on it soon to ensure the transition is smooth. Of course, this might never happen - companies often register multiple names that are never used. And it could be for another product entirely, like a video game or some other tie in.

We'll be keeping a close eye on all things Hobbit related in the coming months.

The Hobbit - Chapter 3 is coming to cinemas on the 12th of December 2014

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