Finally - Here's the Full Trailer For Stretch From The Grey Director Joe Carnahan!


Finally - Here's the Full Trailer For Stretch From The Grey Director Joe Carnahan!

In case you haven't noticed, we're big fans of Joe Carnahan around these parts. The director burst onto the scene with Narc and managed to get the attention of Tom Cruise before going on to make The A-Team and the superlative The Grey.

He's definitely channeling a vibe that's closer to Smokin' Aces for his new film Stretch. It's about a down on his luck limo driver (the great Patrick Wilson) who needs to make cash quick and takes on a job that might just be the death of him. And after a calvacade of clips straight from the director himself we've finally got a full trailer.

Check it out.

It looks totally nutballs. And I mean that in the best possible way.

Universal co-financed the film (with Blumhouse's Jason Blum) but bailed on an actual theatrical release earlier in 2014 because they thought it would never make back what it would cost to promote. Which says more about the ridiculous cost of promoting films than it does about the quality of the movie, which was apparently made for a cool $5 million.

Somehow a cool-looking movie with absolute cult appeal and an impressive cast became unreleasable so Carnahan took the film on himself and has been doing a great job of marketing the shit out of it, throwing out promo clips and gag reels and bigging up the performance of actors like Chris Pine.

In short, it looks great and we're really hoping he gets some dollars in return and can let everyone know that grassroots promotion can totally work. Unfortunately, we've got no word on an Irish release date for the film but it will be in iTunes and Amazon from the 7th of October and on VOD on October 14th.

Finally - Here`s the Full Trailer For Stretch From The Grey Director Joe Carnahan! on
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