Finding Dory and Tarzan tussle at the box office


Finding Dory and Tarzan tussle at the box office

It's the fourth of July right at the end of one of a major celebration weekend in the US. Typically, it's a time that's spent away from cinemas, hence some relatively low numbers for mid summer.

Still there were some surprises, including Finding Dory holding on at the top of the heap for a third weekend in a row, looking like over 50 million dollars for the four day weekend. It had strong competition from The Legend of Tarzan, which could hit 45 million once all those receipts are counted. Warner Bros' action film scored really well with audiences, which should bode well for it's future chances both domestically and internationally - it's out in Ireland this week.

Perhaps the biggest surprise was The Purge Election Year which came in third with an estimated four day total of 35 million dollars. That's not only a great opening for an R-rated horror film but also amounts to more than three times the films budget. This series is becoming a real earner for Blumhouse and Universal, with 232 millio worldwide in sales.

The biggest disappointment is obviously the release of The BFG. Coming from director Steven Spielberg and beloved author Roald Dahl, Disney was no doubt expecting another massive hit after an already stellar year. But the 140 million dollar film will be lucky to take 25 million in its opening weekend, despite strong audience reactions and decent critics scores.

The BFG is out in Ireland on the 22nd of July, 2016, with Finding Dory following the week after. The Purge 3 has been delayed to August in the UK and Ireland.

Finding Dory and Tarzan tussle at the box office on
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