Finding Dory is big at the box office again


Finding Dory is big at the box office again

We won't be seeing Finding Dory in these waters until the end of July but the film will be arriving on the crest of a wave after a record breaking US opening and now a second weekend at the top of the box office.

The long awaited sequel to the 2003 hit has already managed almost 400 million worldwide, including a massive 73.2 million in America at the weekend and almost 300 million overall in that single country. People love Finding Nemo, and they've been turning out in their droves for the sequel.

Those kinds of figures don't leave a lot of room for other tentpoles and Indepdence Day Resurgence had to make do with some pretty meagre seconds. It took 41 million in the US and 143 million in total globally. It's not the worst opening weekend but critical reviews have been quite negative and the budget is rumoured to be over 160 million. Director Roland Emmerich has been talking about potential sequel ideas but a few more dollars will be needed before that comes to pass.

One film that has been trumping expectations is Blake Lively thriller The Shallows - or lady vs shark. It arrives after great early reviews and scored almost 17 million. With plenty of positive word of mouth it could well linger on in cinemas for a few weeks yet, though we'll have to wait until August to see it in Ireland.

For more figures and breakdown, check out Box Office Mojo.

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