Finding Dory scores big - Warcraft hanging on


Finding Dory scores big - Warcraft hanging on

Finding Dory has scored the biggest opening weekend ever for an animated movie, with over 136 million dollars over the three day weekend, including those Thursday previews. It was the biggest opening day and highest revenue in a single day for an animated movie, and those previews were the highest ever too.

At least as important is the fact that the new film picked up an A Cinemascore from audiences. This rating suggests that the movie will have hugely positive word of mouth in the weeks ahead, boding well for its ability to continue packing in the crowds and giving it a push ahead of a wider international rollout.

Box Office Mojo also reports that comedy Central Intelligence had a decent opening weekend with $34.5 million and the Kevin Hart + Dwayne Johnson mashup earned an A- from cinemagoers. That's looking like a solid enough hit, and tells a very different story to the middling critical reviews of the film.

Warcraft is another story entirely, managing to earn only $6.5 million in the US on its second weekend of release. Put into context, that could be as little as one fortieth of its total production and marketing budget. That makes it one of the biggest drops for a major movie in history. However that's not the whole tale as the film also picked up more than $40 million in international territories.

The result is that the fantasy epic is now approaching $400 million worldwide, a figure it should reach by next weekend. It's not a monster hit, and far off something like The Lord of the Rings movies which it clearly apes, but these figures could well be enough to justify a sequel, especially one with a more moderate budget and a little more time spent on the story and characters. A few less wooden human performances wouldn't be a bad thing either.

Finding Dory is in Irish cinemas on the 29th of July, 2016. Central Intelligence arrives on June 29th.

Finding Dory scores big - Warcraft hanging on on
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