First Fifty Shades Reviews - You Wait 40 Minutes for a Sex Scene...


First Fifty Shades Reviews - You Wait 40 Minutes for a Sex Scene...

You may have heard by now that there's a movie coming out this week called Fifty Shades of Grey. And it's going to be a big one. But until now studio Universal have been keeping it all but under wraps. Now, those shackles are coming off.

The first reviews for Fifty Shades are filtering out around the web, seemingly breaking embargoes but let's not talk about this here. And the best news is that the film hasn't been too beholden to the literary source, at least when it comes to that frequently horrible dialogue. So NYdailynews reveals that the talky bits have been trimmed and tweaked to make them sound less terrible, and there's neither sight nor sound of an 'inner godess'. Which is truly wonderful to hear.

It's also great that they note the Anna character (Dakota Johnson) has been given a lot more agency and wit here, even something approaching a character, rather than the passive puppet which appears in the books. Johnson is said to be a 'true find', managing to balance out Anna's naive nature with her growing sense of power and purpose.

That sounds like a big improvement, and fans will likely be happy to hear that there's plenty of skin on display. Even though The Sun points out that you'll have to wait a ful 40 minutes before and pants-dropping, it's all on show once the pair get down to the deed. That means all the body parts, including some brief full-frontal moments from both parties (hooray for gender parity) and lots of sexing in different locations. Apparently, there will be 11 minutes of bonking in total, which is still only a small part of the total 125 minute running time.

There are negative points too - the more risque elements which have been earning so many column inches are apparently rather opaque in the film, certainly compared to the explicit descriptions in the book, but this was likely necessary to get the film into cinemas. And finally there's some skepticism about Jamie Dornan of all people. His Grey is said to be a pretty weak character, and the chemistry between the leads far from consistent.

For me, this is all sounding very positive - fans should be satisfied and with the addition of some humour and characterisation, the film should remain watchable for anyone else who dares to enter a cinema in the next few weeks.

Fifty Shades of Grey is in cinemas from the 13th of February 2015.

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