First footage from Wonder Woman


First footage from Wonder Woman

Fresh on the hells of a most excellent trailer for Suicide Squad, DC has just shown off the first ever footage of the upcoming Wonder Woman movie .

Film fella Kevin Smith hosted a show last night called DC Films Presents: Dawn of the Justice League. The event promised more footage from Batman v Superman as well as the debut of the full trailer for Suicide Squad and also a glimpse at Wonder Woman. The last is the most interesting in many ways because the film is actually still shooting in the UK, and little has been seen from the set.

This short video is now online and features interviews with Wonder Woman herself Gal Gadot as well as co star Chris Pine and director Patty Jenkins. It's pretty cool.

It's great to see not only a female lead character but also a female director stepping into the comic book world. It's something Marvel has been teasing for years but has utterly failed to deliver on, with Captain Marvel recently pushed out to 2019. And while the footage is pretty dark it looks interesting, especially the period setting during World War 1.

We're going to get to see Gadot in action before then in modern times as part of the Batman v Superman melee, which seems to have a lot going on. And this is all set up for the Justice League which will bring those three together with the likes of Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg. It's going to be a lot of comics stuff in cinemas, that's for sure.

Wonder Woman is currently set for release in June 2017.

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