First Jurassic World clip is quirky and chatty


First Jurassic World clip is quirky and chatty

So the first clip from Jurassic World is here.

You know, the massive relaunch of one of the biggest franchises ever.The one about the dinosaurs?Well count how many dinos actually make it into this here first look...

None. Not one. The number you are looking for is zero.

It's a pretty odd choice of clip overall. The tone of the trailers for the film released to date have been pretty serious with even full-on jokester Chris Pratt mostly saying things that sounded stern about how messing with dinosaurs is a really bad idea. But this is a moment which, apart from the odd mention of the d-word, could come from just about any genre film. Pratt is doing the thing that we pretty much expect from him at this point and Bryce Dallas Howard is his totally-not-at-all-suited love interest. We bet something blossoms when the dino heat is on.

There's also the totally casual mention of the fact that this man CONTROLS VELOCIRAPTORS, something which really could have done with a bigger moment. Sure we know that he's got some kind of relationship with the raptors from the trailers but as a massive fan of the first film I don't really want to hear that they're going to be more docile this time around.

Hopefully the clips get more compelling from here and sometimes feature, you know, actual dinosaurs.

Jurassic World is in cinemas in June 2015

First Jurassic World clip is quirky and chatty on
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