First Look- Aardman Animations Early Man


First Look- Aardman Animations Early Man

For many years, Aardman Animation were the go-to folks for stop motion animation. They were behind the original Wallace and Gromit shorts and Creatures Comforts for TV, and also had a huge hit with Chicken Run back in 2000 - still the top grossing stop-motion film of all time.

More recently they've released The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists and Shaun the Sheep which did pretty well last year, now their latest project is gearing up for production.

The film is called Early Man, which is set in Prehistoric times and tells the story of cave-fella Dug (Eddie Redmayne) and his silly sidekick Hognob as they fight back against the Bronze Age. This results in the first ever game of football!

An early piece of animation has just hit the web, and it's as gorgeous as you might expect.

The film is being directed by Aardman veteran Nick Park who has helmed most of the Wallace and Gromit shorts so far as well as the feature in 2005. These films take a fierce long time to make and Early man is currently slated to release in 2018.

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