First Look: Stranger Things featurette - Meet Eleven


First Look: Stranger Things featurette - Meet Eleven

We've seen the first few episodes of new Netflix show Stranger Things and this is shaping up to be one intersting supernatural mystery.

Today, we've got a first look at a new featurette which is all about a character called Eleven. She's a young girl who is at the centre of the strange events which kick off when a boy goes missing.

"When Will Byers vanishes from his home, his friends embark on an epic search to find him. In their quest for answers, the boys encounter a strange girl on the run. With an ominous "11" tattoo on her wrist and a striking shaved head, the boys befriend her and begin to uncover details about the girl's troubling circumstances. Her discovery may be the key to mysteries lurking beneath the surface in this small town."

Here's the video.

Eleven is played by Milly Bobby Brown and she joins a cast of young and old players including Winona Ryder, David Harbour and Matthew Modine. You can see Modine in a new set of stills, he's a doctor with some sinister motives.

Stranger Things arrives on Netflix on the 15th of July, 2016.

First Look: Stranger Things featurette - Meet Eleven on
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