First Official Fantastic Four Images Surface - Maybe It's Not a Disaster?!


First Official Fantastic Four Images Surface - Maybe It's Not a Disaster?!

Josh Trank's Fantastic Four Movie is in Trouble!

So the banner headlines have said over the past few weeks, spurred on my rumours of a director out of control and a production so terrible they had to go out to reshoot the entire ending of the film. It was never more than hearsay but with an August 2015 release date rapidly approaching, the lack of material from the movie was starting to get some people worried.

Well worry no more, director Josh Trank has given his first ever interview to Collider and it seems to be basically intended to get everyone to relax a bit. The movies fine, the reshoots were minor, everything's cool...

The long interview goes on to talk about the length of the rough cut of the film (about 2 hours 10) and about the productions intent to keep as much information as possible off the internet, something they're also going to try to do in the upcoming trailers and TV spots.

That's a great thing to hear, especially in the superhero space, but some of Trank's most interesting answers are around the tone and style of the movie. A couple of times he refers to the influence of David Cronenberg's films, in particular The Fly. It's clear that these events - this group of people getting powers - is going to be more focussed on the dangers of what's happening, and the horror of the changes in their bodies.

That's a great take on the material, especially in the form of the tortured Ben Grimm, who becomes The Things (Jamie Bell). But there are definitely horrific elements to becoming a super-stretchy fellow (Miles Teller), invisible (Kate Mara) and, you know, on fire (Michael B. Jordan).

Collider also debuted the first on set images from the film - one gives us a look at Jordan in costume for a much darker look than we've seen on screen before alongside writer Simon Kinberg. Then there's Trank, looking pensive.

You have to see this interview, timed as it is after so much rumour, as a good exercise in PR but it also hardly matters about any problems in production if the film ends up being good. And Trank's ideas about how to set this apart from established superhero trends are certainly interesting, we'll have to wait and see how the first footage turns out.

Fantastic Four is in cinemas from the 6th of August 2015.

First Official Fantastic Four Images Surface - Maybe It`s Not a Disaster?! on
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