First pics from that Guy Ritchie King Arthur movie


First pics from that Guy Ritchie King Arthur movie

So Guy Ritchie is known for Lock Stock, Snatch and a couple of pretty forgettable Sherlock Holmes movies. Did you really want to see his version of the King Arthur story? If your answer was 'no' well that's just tough luck, because it's happening.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is releasing in March 2017, and man that's one awkward title. It's pointing out the fact that this is being set up as the first of six films, presumably charting the path of Arthur as he becomes King and stuff.

Ritchie's first mistake was casting Charlie Hunnam in the lead role because we're stuck with him now and the man has all the screen presence of a manky potato. There's some good news though with the likes of Jude Law, Neil Maskell and Eric Bana in the rest of the cast.

This is a 'gritty' take on the legend, because of course it is and you can tell by how much beard Hunnam has in these first shots from Entertainment Weekly.

It's Batman Begins all over again. He's going to be facing off against Law who plays his uncle and has the unlikely name of Vortigern - oh and also some kind of magical powers. That's probably what he's doing with this weird hand gesture in the image below.

So there will be sword and magic in this version, it's not going to be completely grounded and realistic. We haven't had a big screen take on Arthur since Clive Owen gave it a go in 2004 and we all know how that turned out.

In case you couldn't tell, I'm feeling a bit wary of this film and the potential for a further five films in the series, mostly down to that casting and Ritchie's take but we'll have to wait and see how the trailers turn out - the first one should be debuting soon.

King Arthur Legend of the Sword is out in March, 2017.

First pics from that Guy Ritchie King Arthur movie on
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