Five New Facts We Learned From This Guardians Clip


Five New Facts We Learned From This Guardians Clip
Behold An Entire Scene From Guardians of the Galaxy! Sorta.


Perhaps aware of how we struggle with Mondays, Marvel sure are softening the blow with this Guardians of the Galaxy media blowout. First came a clip highlighting the group’s penchant for banter, then came the news that Guardians made a bunch of early previewers deliriously happy. Now comes a full four minutes of previously unreleased footage!

If you’ll recall, Marvel did something similar just before Captain America: The Winter Soldier dropped back in March. This follows suit, splicing the tasty bits from a handful of concurrent scenes to give a flavour for the look, feel and overall theatricality to be expected on August 1st.

And to celebrate, here are five tidbits I didn’t know before watching this

1. Thanos Leased His TWO Daughters to Ronan

Gamora, and Karen Gillan’s Nebula, were offered to Ronan. An alliance between Thanos and Ronan is strongly suggested though there is a hint of implication that Ronan is subservient to “The Mad Titan”

2. The Nova Corps name for Earth is ‘Terra’

This is despite the fact both Asgard and the Chitauri’ Other refer to it as Earth on several occasions. Just have to be different do the Nova Corps.

3. Drax has murdered as many people as Rocket has escaped prisons - 22

Seemingly the pair are dab hands, respectively, at their chosen specialities… expect both of these to feature prominently.

4. Star Lord initially works for a mercenary company, The Ravagers

Incidentally, Yondu (Michael Rooker from James Gunn’s Slither) acts as both father figure to Star Lord and leader of the aforementioned outlaws.

5. There are approximately zero Racoons In that part of the Galaxy

Which sort of makes sense, I know, but I never copped it before! In any case, it’s neat that Rocket would so obviously be a racoon to the one human present and exactly NO-ONE ELSE. Space, gettit?

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