Flash Gordon to be the Latest Hollywood Reboot?


Flash Gordon to be the Latest Hollywood Reboot?
Can he save every one of us?

Although mostly forgotten about these days thanks to the borderline oversaturation of Marvel and DC heroes taking to the big screen, the fact is that Flash Gordon was something of a big deal up until very recently, but that could all change in the very near future if reports of a big screen reboot of the character have any grounding in reality.

Website Film Divider is reporting (without citing any sources, it must be noted) that a brand new Flash Gordon movie is currently being planned, with writers Patrick McKay and JD Payne already attached to pen the script. Payne and McKay may not be big names just yet, but with rumours circulating that they'll be the duo in charge of writing the next Star Trek movie, it's fair to assume they must be pretty decent at the whole movie writing schtick.

The last effort at bringing Flash Gordon to the big screen was the 1980 attempt from Mike Hodge which, although derided by almost every critic in the world at the time, has gone on to claim a bit of an ironic cult following, even playing a big part in Seth McFarlane's directorial debut, Ted, in 2012, so any reboot will definitely have some significant barriers to break through before being taken in any way seriously.

The Flash Gordon character has been around for long enough to make it worth a shot though, maybe.

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