Frozen 2 Sequel in the Works - So Says Elsa!


Frozen 2 Sequel in the Works - So Says Elsa!

Frozen is not only an incredible film in its own right, its also become an international phenomenon - already Disney's biggest animated success of all time.

For 2014, its back in cinemas and earning legions of fans once again. With all of this good will, surely its only a matter of time before we get a return to the icy world of Anna, Elsa and Olaf? And it seems like one of the stars has come to the same conclusion.

Speaking to the Telegraph, IdinaMenzel pretty much confirmed that a stage musical was "in the works" (something we've already heard) but also that a sequel movie was on the way. It's not exactly much of a surprise but this is the first time anyone involved has come out and said it.

From the interview, its clear Menzel would love to be involved in the second film but that doesn't mean she's actually been approached about anything. Just writing these movies can take years and the animation process is even more lengthy. But with millions of young fans, it would make sense for Disney to work on a sequel as early as possible.

Frozen is back in cinemas now and will also beshown with a live choir in the National Concert Hall on the 13th of December.

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