Frozen Sequel Frozen Fever Gets a Trailer


Frozen Sequel Frozen Fever Gets a Trailer

Frozen was just a little bit good and - happily enough - it was also a massive success. It's easily the best thing Disney has made without Pixar's help in years, and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about the future of animation from the mouse house.

And with a gross of more than a billion dollars comes real expectation for a full Frozen sequel. That hasn't been officially announced yet, but with the massively popular merchandise and plenty of rumours of a stage musical on the way, the property is doing a great job of staying in public consciousness. And there's another treat on the way in the form of Frozen Fever.

This short reunites the whole main cast of characters from the full feature in a story which is all about trying to prepare a very cool birthday for Anna. But when Elsa gets a bit of a sniffle, things get complicated and - I'm assuming - a bit slapstick too. Here's the trailer.

As you no doubt noticed, this short is going to be attached to prints of Kenneth Branagh's upcoming Cinderella - presumably in an effort to get more bums in seats for fairytale fans. It's nice to see everyone involved in the original Frozen back for the short - Kristen Bell, Josh Gad, Idina Menzel and Jonathan Groff are all present and correct, and it looks like there are plenty of cameos from all manner of men and beasts, including that scary snow giant thing.

If it can capture even just a small part of the charm of the original film, Frozen Fever should be a treat for audiences.

See it in cinemas ahead of Cinderella in cinemas from the 27th of March 2015, and its also showing at JDIFF on the 21st of March - get tickets here.

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