Full Sized Ant-Man Teaser Trailer is Here - Enough to Silence Critics?


Full Sized Ant-Man Teaser Trailer is Here - Enough to Silence Critics?

Ant-Man is just a few short months away, which means its time for the promos to hit high gear. And after fun Ant-sized teasers and posters, we've finally got a look at a proper trailer.

Here it is.

Thoughts - it's not quite what I was expecting, especially from something which was an Edgar Wright joint until very recently. The tone is fairly serious, the visuals are dark and even Paul Rudd is there to keep a straight face for most of the non-talky bits. Though every syllable he utters is for gags.

It’s great to hear that Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish will retain a story credit, though just as interesting that the screenplay will now be attributed to only Adam McKay and star Paul Rudd. That’s only Rudd’s second feature-writing credit (after 2008’s Role Models) so you have to wonder how much he’s brought to the plate since he was cast in the main role.

Also, Paul Rudd has abs now. Not sure how I feel about that.

There’s a good bit of footage here but it does feel a bit all over the place – there’s no real notion about how the main story progresses or who the villains will be. And Evangeline Lilly gets less of a look in here than she did in the very swift teaser. Likely this is a consequence of the fact the film only finished shooting a month ago, which is a very tight turnaround.

It might also explain the fact that the vast majority of the CG on offer here has appeared before in various places, mostly as part of a test reel which has accompanied recent mentions of the film. That’s not necessarily a sign of problems on the post-production end, but there will be a lot of VFX shots to finish in the next six months.

All things considered, this is looking better than I was expecting. Now I’m just wondering how they’re going to get over the fact that his superpower is still pretty weird…

Ant-Man also stars Corey Stoll, Michael Pena, Michael Douglas and Judy Greer and is directed by Peyton Reed. It’s in cinemas from the 17th of July 2015 and finishes up Marvel’s Phase 2 ahead of Captain America: Civil War in 2016.

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