Furious 7 Clip - Cars Go Skydiving Because WHY NOT?!


Furious 7 Clip - Cars Go Skydiving Because WHY NOT?!

Furious 7 is on the way, and it looks like it kicks off with some skydiving.

The FnF films have generally had a bit of a Bond thing going on - that is an opening action bit which is kind of unconnected from the main story but allows us to get some set pieces in right at the get go. And they've been pretty nutty in the past, but this one looks set to top everything we've seen before. Check out the extended clip of what happens when cars jump out of a plane.

This already looks glorious, though I have to admit the only slightly sane person seems to be Tyrese Gibson's Roman. Honestly, what situation would require you to drop a car from a plane? Cars have wheels, they are the very essence of mobile and if you're trying to ambush someone, dropping tons of metal from the sky doesn't seem like a more subtle way to do it.

It's nice to see a chunk of footage from the film at least, with new director James Wan taking over the reigns from long serving Justin Lin. And it seems like pretty smooth sailing. Otherwise, there's a lot of focus on Paul Walker, which we expect will be a recurring theme of this film, putting focus on his character before a final farewell.

My only real concern right now is that this set piece seems like the highlight of the film, at least in terms of scale. I like the visual of that car leaping between buildings but it doesn't look like it's good for more than few moments of spectacle. That said, the running time of Furious 7 is a full 140 minutes so I'm hoping for plenty of surprises.

Oh and apparently 'BEYOND FAST... LIES FURY!!!'

Can't wait.

Furious 7 is in cinemas April 3rd2015.

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