Furious 7 Super Bowl Trailer - Family and Flying Cars


Furious 7 Super Bowl Trailer - Family and Flying Cars

The Fast and Furious series came back strong with its fourth entry in 2013 and now its on a rollercoaster to keep audiences mesmerised with stunts and spectacle for the next few years.

So naturally the Superbowl was the time to bring out the big guns. And we don't just mean the one The Rock is holding.

I got the chance to see that ridiculous stunt of the car jumping between two buildings in Dubai but couldn't write about it at the time. But isn't it just glorious? Also incredibly silly but really who cares about reality at this point.

The biggest deal with this film though remains the staggering loss of Paul Walker, someone who has been with the franchise since the first entry way back in 2000. He'll be sorely missed and the film seems to be taking that part seriously, with plenty of mentions of family and 'one last ride'. Don't be surprised if this is a surprisingly emotional entry in the series, especially as they've apparently come up with a way of retiring the character and honouring the memory of Walker.

On top of that, you've got an excellent baddie in the form of Jason Statham (who hasn't played much on villain territory) and some world travelling and explosion-making. And we already know there will be more rides to come, including an actual real-life theme park ride based on the franchise!

Apparently it'll be part of the studio tour - with this coming at the end of a ride that includes a number of attractions. Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, The Rock and Luke Evans have cameos.

Furious 7 is in cinemas from the 3rd of April 2015.

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