Furious 7 wrecked over 230 cars - what happened to them then?!


Furious 7 wrecked over 230 cars - what happened to them then?!

Furious 7 is breaking all the records at the box office right now, scoring $406 million worldwide in just a matter of days.

Now that's a heck of a lot of money but it also has to be seen in perspective, especially when you consider that the production budget of the film might have been as high as $250 million and that's before the massive marketing blitz. Part of that cost was down to delays after the untimely death of actor Paul Walker but its not hard to see where the rest of the cash went, it's right there on screen.

Case in point, it has emerged that the production wrecked over 230 cars during production. That's 230 real functioning vehicles which were purchased for the express purpose of totalling them. For Furious 7, that included the regular old car crashes, explosions and drone strikes but also tossing multiple real-life cars out of a plane and letting them plummet to earth and flatten themselves. Which is insane no matter what way you look at it.

But what happens to the cars afterwards? That's actually a great question, and the good folks at the Wall Street Journal have been delving into it. Apparently, there are all kinds of rules about how these cars have to be disposed of, mostly because the studio doesn't want to be liable in any way. So if a member of the public manages to get a hold of a semi-wrecked car from Furious 7 and restores it, only to have an accident, they don't want to be to blame.

So, even if these cars more or less survive the shoot, they are still scrapped. For the kick-ass mountain sequence in Furious 7 which comes straight after the skydiving - which was shot in Colorado - a local man called Richard Jansen was called in to see if he could get rid of 30 or so wrecked cars, including brand new Mercedes'. He was happy to oblige, and hauled them away before crushing them as per the requirements of the studio. So there are definitely screen used cars from Furious 7 in a landfill somewhere in the United States. Actually there are probably hundreds of them, consideringFast & Furious 6 was trashing up to 25 cars a day!

It's just a small glimpse at the logistical task of putting a film like this together, making sure there are dozens of cars ready to be desroyed on a daily basis and that they're all out of the way the next day when the stars are back on set for their next close-up. Makinh blockbbuster movies is a pretty incredible business.

Furious 7 is in cinemas now, read our review here.

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