Fury is David Ayer's Second Triple A Project of 2014!


Fury is David Ayer's Second Triple A Project of 2014!
Can’t accuse the man of laziness

Unlike Sabotage, the DEA and Drugs romp starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and a bunch of shifty looking DEA peeps who were not Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Ayer’s next 2014 effort actually looks very decent.

While tribulations, tanks and tracer rounds are all present and correct, marking Fury out with Ayer’s already distinct visual style, the tested “Being a soldier in WWI is actually really scary but I cover that up with bravado even though I’m dying slowly inside” trope is alive and well thanks to some very convincing Brad Pittery. That was a long sentence.

Fury looks great. I don’t really know why. There’s nothing in the trailer below that hasn’t already been witnessed by audiences before. Even to those only obliquely interested in the war genre, this should ring familiar. But it’s put together with enough flair and competence that Fury, despite offering little new, looks like an emotional boom-time. Which should be just about enough alliteration to get my point across.

Also, yer man from The Walking Dead is in it. He’s good value for money.

Fury is treads its way into cinemas on 24th October 2014.

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