Game of Thrones episode 9 trailer - it's the big one


Game of Thrones episode 9 trailer - it's the big one

Blackwater, The Red Wedding, Sean Bean loses his head - Game of Thrones has a history of doing some seriously heavy stuff in its ninth episode, so what do they have in store for the penultimate ep of season six?

We might get a few clues in this new trailer, and obviously there are spoilers here if you're not up to date.

The episode is titled Battle of the Bastards and sees Jon Snow up against Ramsey Bolton - which makes sense as they're both not pure blood members of their family. But they are the ones still standing, with a little help in Jon's case, and as they fight for a chance at the Iron throne.

It would be really interesting if they kept the action in a single place this episodes but with so many interesting stories in the offing, like Arya and Tyrion and the returned Hound, it's going to be hard not to be distracted.

After that, there's just the extra long 69 minute final episode of the season until we're done for another year. And we could be down to the final 14 episodes or so according to rumours about the shorter length of seasons seven and eight.

Game of Thrones episode 9 trailer - it`s the big one on
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