Game of Thrones finale music is on Spotify now


Game of Thrones finale music is on Spotify now

As a HBO production, Game of Thrones is bigger than normal TV, and when it comes to season finales they can go bigger still.

That was true for the season six finale which aired last night, bringing huge and dire consequences across the longest episode the series have ever seen. The show has long been known for its impressive production design, props and special effects but one element which really shone through in this episode was the music score.

Ramin Djawadi has long been responsible for the musical side of the show but apart from that thrumming and memorable opening credit track he's rarely distinguished himself. Last night saw that all change as he wrought a truly evocative score which brought in the main Game of Thrones theme with choral and instrumental elements to really enhance the strong scenes playing out before our eyes.

Now, the track from the first part of the show is on Spotify - if you want to relive that truly harrowing event. It's pretty great stuff.

With this score, an impressive cast and the huge scale, the finale really felt like its own self contained feature film - albeit one which requires almost 60 hours of homework to really understand.

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Game of Thrones finale music is on Spotify now on
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