Gareth Evans Says The Raid 2 Will Be Uncut In Ireland and the UK


Gareth Evans Says The Raid 2 Will Be Uncut In Ireland and the UK
All the violence is coming our way

The Raid 2 made a hell of an entrance at the Sundance Film Festival in January - with rave reviews and one subject which was constantly mentioned; the extreme violence.

Talk since has suggested that international audiences were unlikely to see that Sundance cut, which was assembled mere hours before the festival. Tweaks would be made, final touches finished and maybe we would lose some of the really good murdering we were paying good money to see.

Meanwhile, director Gareth Evans was talking about keeping the trims for violence as slight as possible for the US release, but what of us across the pond? We caught up with the Welsh filmmaker and asked him whether we would be seeing the uncut version locally.

"I’m pretty sure it’s uncut. I know the version in the UK is uncut. So I’m pretty sure it is. I don’t think there was any censorship there. The version that came over from the US was before any censorship that happened there. So yea it should be uncut."

That's pretty definitive, and to clarify the Irish Film Classification Office here no longer cuts movies - it either gives them a rating or doesn't release them. And The Raid, is blissfully, happily rated 18's for 'Sustained graphic and extremely gory violence.' So all the good stuff.

The Raid 2 is in cinemas from the 11th of April 2014.

Read our full interview with Gareth Evans here.

Gareth Evans Says The Raid 2 Will Be Uncut In Ireland and the UK on
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