Ghostbusters can't scare off Pets in cinemas


Ghostbusters can't scare off Pets in cinemas

Ghostbusters is out and we had a lot of fun with Paul Feig's high comedy take on the franchise. The film just debuted in the States as well and the opening figures were decent enough but still couldn't scare off those pesky pets.

Since opening in Ireland and the UK on the 11th of July and elsewhere on the 15th, Ghostbusters has taken in over 65 million dollars. That's a pretty good opening for a film which has attracted so much negative press, and includes 46 million from the USA and more than 6 million from Ireland and the UK.

That makes it the biggest opening ever for director Paul Feig and star Melissa McCarthy, Still, it couldn't quite nab the US top spot, with The Secret Life of Pets managing 50.5 million in its second week of release. That film is pushing over 250 million dollars worldwide, in what is turning out to be a major year at the box office for animated hits including Zootopia and Finding Dory.

Given the 144 million budget of Ghostbusters, these figures mean there's still a long way to go to recoup the cost, and even further to stand any chance of a sequel. One big advantage is the positive word of mouth which is starting to spread. Feig's movies tend to hang around in cinemas for a long time and there's a good chance that folks will still be flocking to Ghostbusters in three weeks or more. Of course this is also a much bigger budget for Feig, rougly the sum of his three previous filmography combined - Bridesmaids, The Heat and Spy.

We'd still like a sequel though, so get out and vote with your feet, and you money, at cinemas!

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