Ghostbusters post credit scene revealed


Ghostbusters post credit scene revealed

Ghosbusters released yesterday in Ireland and it's already hit number one at the box office. A smattering of countries are also seeing the release this week, including Argentina, Brazil and Singapore, before it lands in the USA on the 15th of July.

Given the popularity of the original film (almost 300 million dollars in 1984!) and the setting and cast, the release in America is going to be most telling, especially after the bizarrely negative reaction to the promotional campaign so far. Well we've seen it and it's really rather good, with some great performances by the main cast and a solid comedy turn from Chris Hemsworth.

It's also a film that's chock full of references and in jokes and even gags referencing the YouTube hate campaign. And, as is almost expected these days, it has a post credit scene. No spoilers til after the GIF.


If you hang around through the credits, which you should for some dorky dancing from the Hemsworth, then it fades up to the team tinkering around in their lab. Leslie Jones is listening back to some audio on a tape player (which was previously used for a pretty poor gag) and starts to look concerned. She calls to the other Ghostbusters and as they crowd around the utters a word which came through on the recording... 'Zuul...'

That's your lot, and it's a nice little reference to the 1984 original, where Sigourney Weaver get possessed by a demigod of that name - you remember the scene where all those hands spring out of her furniture? That's just Zuul being precocious.

Could the character pop up in the sequel or is this just a funny moment that director Paul Feig wanted to bait us with? Hopefully the film will make enough money for us to find out.

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