Ghostbusters review - don't be afraid!


Ghostbusters review - don't be afraid!

A team of paranormal investigators must save New York from a supernatural menace.

After months of negative publicity the new Ghostbusters film has landed, and I found it highly entertaining.

Maybe it’s useful to know that I never cared much for the 1984 original so the idea of a reboot doesn’t fill me with immediate horror. Still watching the early trailers and the bile spewed out by the internet made me root for this film which seemed condemned before a single person had seen the final cut.

So I’m pleased to say that director Paul Feig and his talented cast have served up something immensely watchable here. The team of Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon work well on screen, and there’s a secret comedy weapon in the form of Chris Hemsworth.

The style is uniquely Feig, much closer to something like Bridesmaids than you might imagine from a blockbuster summer event movie, and you’ll instantly recognise the types being played by the main cast – especially McCarthy’s familiar persona.

Gags are plentiful and, like most comedies, somewhat hit and miss. The snarky asides don’t always mix well with the broader moments and it all sits rather awkwardly when the film makes an attempt to be dramatic.

As for the supernatural element, the film goes heavy on jargon and also throws in a number of scares that might be too intense for younger viewers. The ghosts themselves generally look great, and they should on this budget, with a style that tends towards a mix of creepy and cartoonish.

Feig got some experiences with set pieces on last year’s Spy and mounts a couple of larger moments here. Apart from an action moment for McKinnon, they’re all pretty forgettable and the big finale comes together without much fanfare.

McKinnon’s character definitely has a kooky factor which I found a bit difficult to get on board with but your mileage may vary. Otherwise my least favourite aspect of the film was a string of awkward cameos which detracted from the freshness of this new film in favour of fawning nostalgia.

Still the positives outweigh the negatives, including Hemsworth in full on comedy mode. He’s arguably the most memorable part of the film and let’s hope he takes on more of these roles in the future.

The best part about Ghostbusters is that it doesn’t need any defence from me. After months of harsh and needless criticism it has come out on top by being simply much better than most people were expecting.

It remains to be seen if the damage was already done and if audiences will come out in sufficient numbers in the coming weeks. And I’ll just be looking forward to seeing more adventures with this talented cast and director in the future.

-Daniel Anderson

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