Go Behind the Scenes on the Awesome POWER/RANGERS Short


Go Behind the Scenes on the Awesome POWER/RANGERS Short

Music video and sometime film director Joseph Kahn got tongues wagging last week when he unleashed a Power Rangers fan film on the internet. And for good reason - it was chock full of action, violence and bad language and looked a whole heap better than anything we'd ever seen from the universe before.

Naturally, there has been some legal backlash from Saban, who own the brand, but that's all been sorted out now - mostly because it seems pretty clear that Kahn and producer Adi Shankar have absolutely no interest in making money from this bootleg short. So it gets to stay online, and now we've got a look at what it takes to put something like this together.

Given the famous cast and the multiple departments involved in the shoot, it's obvious that this is far from your normal fan film. If this had been made conventionally, with everyone getting paid, its likely to have cost at least a couple of million dollars, putting it far outside what most teams are capable of producing. But that's kind of the point - Shankar wants to make projects which exist in a space between fan films and the features they homage, and I think that's kind of cool.

There is a fully fledged Power Rangers movie coming in 2016, but its not that likely to have boobies in it.

Watch the full short here.

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