Godzilla Destroys Everything Else at the Box Office


Godzilla Destroys Everything Else at the Box Office
People like monsters

Godzilla scored $93.2 million at the US box office over the weekend, the second highest opening of the year just behind The Winter Soldier's $95 million.

Adding in foreign gross, Warner Bros' monster mash movie took almost $200 million, meaning its already well on the way to becoming a hit. UK gross was in excess of $10 million - a huge haul for the weekend - and it also had the top opening of the year in Australia.

This success for Godzilla seems to suggest that summer movie audiences aren't as obsessed with spectacle as we've been led to believe. The marketing material for the movie has mostly focussed on the human character, in particular Bryan Cranston. While its reasonable to assume that the popularity of the actor accounts for some of the bums in seats, maybe people are interested in more than large scale destruction.

Godzilla more than doubled the opening figures for last years Pacific Rim - a film which delivered exactly what it promised though perhaps sidelined its human characters a little too much. Does this mean we're going to be subjected to thoughtful disaster movies for the next couple of years?

God I hope not.

Godzilla is in cinemas now, read our review here.

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