Gorgeous The Iron Giant blu ray set for September


Gorgeous The Iron Giant blu ray set for September

Brad Bird may be a name that's better known for The Incredibles and Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol but this talented filmmaker has been producing classics all the way back to the 90s.

The Iron Giant is a 1999 film which breezed through cinemas without causing any stir, despite being utterly gorgeous, incredible heartfelt and featuring Vin Diesel's best ever performance. It's the story of a boy and his bot and the world that doesn't understand, and did we mention it's absolutely stunning to look at?

The film has gained cult appeal over the years and was the subject of a recent restoration effort which also took the time to complete and reinstate two new deleted scenes for a slightly longer running time. That version popped up in cinemas for a second or two earlier in 2016 but now fans are finally finding out when they can see it at home. And on high definition for the first time.

The Signature Edition blu ray will be out on the 6th of September (in the US) and will include a number of extras:

“The Giant’s Dream” documentary NEW!
“The Iron Giant: Signature Edition” trailer
Theatrical version commentary by Brad Bird
Additional scenes, including alternate opening
Mini documentary segments
Teddy Newton The X Factor
Duck and Cover sequence
The Voice of the Giant
Motion Gallery
Brad Bird trailer

And we're also getting a very lovely Ultimate Collector's Edition with an art book, Mondo cards, a letter from director Brad Bird and a little tiny Giant...

We're not sure if this edition will be available in Ireland but it's definitely on blu ray in the States in September 2016.

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