Groot is the only one with a clue in latest Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer


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Chris Pratt has 12% of a plan

I’m thinking Marvel Studios has significantly more….

This latest and greatest trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy trailer forgoes the funny in favour of flavour, painting the roster in a slightly more humanising light, strange as that sounds. We even get to hear Lee Pace’s uber-bad Ronan The Accused speak for the first time. Which was a bit of a non-event actually.

That said, the footage wraps with perhaps the longest uninterrupted shot to date. It concerns the team giving Chris Pratt’s Star Lord grief over only having 12% of a plan. That is, before wise old Groot finally comes to his defence. It’s promising stuff, nice and fluid with plenty of chemistry despite the presence of a CGI racoon, CGI tree person and Dave Bautista.

Guardians of the Galaxy hits cinemas on August 1st. And with copious gunfights, dogfights, knifefights and, uh, branchfights, it couldn’t look more enticing! No mean feat for a property even the comic book savvy knew almost nothing about just a few months ago.

Groot is the only one with a clue in latest Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer on
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