Guardians of the Galaxy - Roll Call!


Guardians of the Galaxy - Roll Call!

Marvel’s ambitious new Sci-Fi venture, directed by relative unknown James Gunn, represents their biggest gamble yet. Gifting $150m to a relatively unproven director and a cast of unknown characters seems risky, but once you get to know them, you’ll realise why Marvel was willing to take the punt!

Rocket Racoon (Voiced by Bradley Cooper)

Expert Marksman. Master tactician. Anthropomorphic Raccoon.
Despite a somewhat… eccentric outward appearance, Rocket may be the most level headed, nay, professional member of the Guardians. Saving some anger management issues and a hefty dose of OCD, Rocket, a seasoned pilot and mercenary, keeps the team on the right track. Generally speaking…

Gamora (Played by Zoe Saldana)

This one is basically Wolverine. But with a magic dagger instead of claws. And her daddy is the big bad Thanos from the end of The Avengers. And a woman. Obviously. Oh, and also green. But otherwise, the similarities are there – accelerated healing, agile, strong and not too shabby at the auld killing lark.

Groot (Voiced by Vin Diesel)

Groot is a walking tree. There are now two ways about it. He is a tree. He walks. His vocabulary is limited to his own name. Despite the obvious language barrier, he is firm friends with Rocket and often moonlights as the racoon’s travelling companion/personal army. He is also, by some margin, the most intelligent member of the team, even though his typical function is relegated to “Groot Smash!”

Drax The Destroyer (Played by Dave Bautista)

Drax is rough, tough and knows his way around a pair of fighting knives. He’s also in a bit of a mood since Thanos (Remember Thanos?) killed his family. Interesting to see how he’ll take to Gamora then. But hey! They’re both green. They’ve got that in common at least…

Star Lord (Played by Chris Pratt)

Think Indiana Jones, in space, without the education and you’ve begun to comprehend Peter Quill’s Star Lord persona. Irreverent, impatient and with a craving for spectacular treasures, how Star Lord commands, let alone leads his team of oddball misfits and angry assassins remains the film’s biggest mystery. Guess you’ll have to just watch the film to find out…

Guardians of the Galaxy is in cinemas from July 31st 2014.

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