Guess who's back for Kingsman 2?


Guess who's back for Kingsman 2?

Kingsman was a whole lot of messy fun, and we're getting a sequel thanks to it scoring some serious dosh in the States.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, much of the second film will take place in the US, as the team from the first film will be working with a yankee crew called the Statesman after they get attacked by new baddie Julianne Moore. A whole bunch of big names are in the cast, including Halle Berry, Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges and singer Elton John.

And it seems there will be another familar face alongside returning players Taron Egerton and Mark Strong in the form of Colin Firth. It hasn't really been kept secret that the English actor would be returning, and it's totally confirmed now thanks to actor Pedro Pascal - you may remember him from Game of Thrones.

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Yep that's totally Colin Firth, who seemed pretty definitively dead in the first film due to the fact that Samuel L. Jackson shot him in the head. His name is right there in the cast list on IMDb though so it's hardly a surprise. As for how he's going to return well there are whole bunch of possibilities, including flashbacks, cloning, a twin (evil or otherwise) or even the chance that he wasn't quite dead yet.

That all remains to be revealed, and we can't wait to see Firth kicking some serious ass again. Kingsman The Golden Circle is directed by returning helmer Matthew Vaughn and is set for release in June, 2017.

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