HBO's Westworld TV show on hold


HBO's Westworld TV show on hold

We've been hearing about HBO's Westworld for quite a while now, with the show originally ordered to pilot back in 2013. Shooting was set to finish in 2015 for a premiere before the end of last year but production delays mean the series is still before cameras. And now it's going to take even longer.

An annoucement from HBO has confirmed that Westworld is currently on hold:

"As we head into the final phase of production on Westworld, we’ve made the decision to take a brief hiatus in order to get ahead of the writing."

While that might sound negative, and it undoubtedly will cause costs to rise to keep talent, etc on hand, it's also good to hear that they're working to iron out problems to create the best end product possible. With the freedom and budget of the biggest cable network around and the source material from Michael Crichton groundbreaking (and now very dated) 1973 original film, there's a huge amount of scope for something amazing here.

And that's before we even mention the cast, which is headlined by Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris. You don't see those superstars in TV shows much, or ever, and they've got backup from the likes of Even Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton and James Marsden. Then there's this epic teaser video from last year.

Westworld is all about an adult theme park where lifelife robots are used to bring a frontier world to life. That includes gunslingers you can shoot to pieces for sport who can be brought back with the wonders of technology and brothels bursting with buxom ladies of the night. We're expecting the latter to get a lot more attention thanks to the lack of restrictions on mature content on HBO.

So we're going to remain positive about this one for the time being, especially as the network remains confident the show will debut before the end of 2016.

More on Westworld as we get it.

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