Help bring the first ever Sci-Fi and Fantasy Film Festival to Dublin!


Help bring the first ever Sci-Fi and Fantasy Film Festival to Dublin!

Movies come in all shapes and forms, from the indiest indie to the most overblown blockbuster but in the space between lies the wonders of genre cinema. Here lies horrific horror and awesome action as well as the rich fields of science fiction and fantasy.

Good examples of sci-fi and fantasy have been hard to find in recent years so what we really need is a film festival dedicated to these genres. And what to do you know, there's one right over here!

The Metropolis Sci-Fi and Fantasy Film Festival will be all about bringing the best movie screenings both new and old - with digitally remastered classics, first look new releases and kid friendly showings. But it's also bringing in elements of a convention, including constumes, prop shops and showcases for the biggest fans of sci-fi and fantasy.

The first ever fest will be coming to Dublin from the 24th to the 27th of September 2015 and needs your help to get there. Over on their Fundit page you can out more information about exactly what they want to do but before all that, they need some support to make the festival happen.

In return, you get rewards, including a gorgeous A3 poster, tickets to screenings, festival passes, goodie bags all the way up to becoming a junior programmer of the festival - giving you a chance to pick a film and bring 50 friends along to a special screening!

The festival comes from a couple of folks well versed in the art of bringing genre fun to fans. Anna Taylor is the programmer - as the former Programme Manager of the Screen Cinema in Dublin she oversaw numerous special screenings, including giving us the chance to see Starship Trooper and Total Recall (the original!) back on the big screen where they belong. Recently, she's been organising more screenings under the banners of The Producers and Film Fatale, including special screenings of Back to the Future and many more.

And she's ably assisted by writer, filmmaker and programmer Derek O'Connor - who previously worked as the Darklight festival director and also has had his hand in the massively successful Horrorthon horror movie festival which brings the scares to the Irish Film Institute every year. We spoke to him about Horrorthon a couple of years back in fact - you can read the interview here.

Do you want to see more Sci-Fi and Fantasy films in all their big screen glory? Then get over and help the Metropolis Fest happen!

Help bring the first ever Sci-Fi and Fantasy Film Festival to Dublin! on
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